How to save your router and home security camera from hackers

When we buy new technology to make our home and us safe, we forget that it has some drawbacks to it. The drawback is that we get hands-on something that we don’t know much about and we gave that thing our privacy, our information and all the important documents and files information.

Some people have little knowledge about them but still, they can’t do anything as no matter how much you know about it you won’t be able to beat a hacker. Hackers usually bet on how little you know about your own security system and technology and gain access.

Let’s say you may be able to stop hackers from hacking your computer some way, but you may not know much about your router and security system which they had studied and still are studying right now.


When it comes to handling your router, it should be taken care of without a doubt, it’s what that been taking car rod your Wireless network in your house. There’s no telling how many people don’t know about router security and get hacked. Just need to do two basic things that can prevent you from a hacker hacking into your router.

That is the default password, you always should change that password that was given to you it’s for changing only, many people just let it be like that forever. The second thing that should know and do while using a router keeps your router software updates which is the firmware if the router keeps it updated.

The thing with router hacking is that you don’t know what is going on with you. As soon as you connect all your devices in your house with your router, and it got hacked the hacker has all the knowledge and information about your internet life. Many people just letting them hack and won’t get it to check as long as the internet works and because of that the hacker always takes advantage of you.

The study has been done on the routers and it has been found out that most of them lack basic security. Many of them didn’t have an automatic inbuilt update of security improvement in firmware.

Have also shown that many of them accept weak password less than 8 digits or easy passwords like basic 00000000 or 12345678 these kind of things. And there was this router where it didn’t require for owner to change the default password and log in. So make sure when you get a router check if it will automatically update the Firmware and that you change its passwords.

How to get safe from router hackers?

Start with basic only turn your basic auto-update on and if your router doesn’t have one. Get on the website of the company that manufacturers your router every month for checking new updates. Sometimes happen that manufacturers will just not make any updates and if that happens it’s safer to get a new router.

Don’t use the features that router have, like universal plug and play which comes on in many routers as default and also don’t use your remote access too. These both should not be used unless it is asked to open them for your device to work. These both can get a really bad security risk to your internet files.

Change password, I would recommend as soon as you get home change your password and make it something complex with character, number, and alphabets combined in it.

Whenever you go to settings you will see. WPA3, WPA2, WEP or WPA. Those are encryption to save your security of wireless networks. So make sure to choose either WPA3 or WPA2, other than that all the rest are old and not really useful to you especially if they offer WEP or WPA it’s time to change your router.

Home security camera

Wireless home security cameras are on-trend and people like the idea of knowing what’s going on in their house when they were gone. If someone tried to take a peak or not and many other things. They are pretty easily accessible to anyone on many online stores, which also makes them easy to hack for hackers.

A great thief that knows what he’s doing can get all your access to your home or if you have them in some shop then there too. Can easily think of a plan and rob you, and getaway.

How to protect yourself?

Most of it is the same as the router you make sure to keep the firmware update means the software updated. If it doesn’t get automatic updates then keep checking every month on the app of camera.

Change your password, like I said once you have gotten your router of any technology first thing is to make it your own by changing the password and gaining privacy.

If your camera has two-factor authentication, that will be super great as whenever you will log in or someone will log in you will get a text on your number or email whatever you want.

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