How To Boost Your Immune System

Immune system is what keeps us healthy and the reasons of why we home reading this instead of bed in some kind of hospital. Immune system is basically some organs and process that helps our body defending from getting infected by toxins and other things.

The parts come in your immune system are white blood cells, antibodies, bone marrow, lymph nodes and your thymus.

How to know if you have a weak immune system?

There are some symptoms that will show themselves sooner if your immune system is not good.

Your internal organs will go to inflammation.

Autoimmune disorder

Having abnormalities and blood disorder

Problem indigestion

Loss of appetite

Cramps in your abdomen

Not growing fast enough

How to boost your immune system?

Don’t smoke

Would recommend you to leave the idea of smoking if you think your immune system is getting weaker and if it’s weak you should really quit it. Smoking will lead you to infection like pneumonia, influenza and some other infection which will take you to bed for more than just a month or so. We talked about how the immune system will provide your defence. Well, one of them that helps the immune system to give you defence is vitamin C and if you keep smoking that will not be there anymore.


The second thing you can do and the thing you should do is getting into a good balanced and healthy diet. Dieting helps in every way no matter what your aim is, you want to lose weight? You should go on a diet! You want to get healthier? You should go on a diet! Want to get good skin? You should just go on a diet! Diet is the main key to how we live, there this saying that goes ‘what we eat is what we become’. That’s why even in your immune system make sure to eat properly and get a balanced quantity of food. As it will help keep your blood cell healthy and active help your bones get stronger, make you stay away from diseases and give you better vitamins and nutrients. To eat healthier and know what to eat and avoid your fast food or eating outside.

Try doing small changes first just start with oils get olive oil if you can, then start adding more green and fruits in your diet. And keep escalating and improving more and more and after some time you will start to enjoy this journey.


Immunity is defence against diseases right? And when it comes to immunity or defending against disease exercise is the best way to do so. As when you exercise regularly you saving yourself from diseases like obesity, sugar which is type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Which mostly comes along with your diabetes to give it company. So make sure to keep that regular exercise going on exercising will give you great health plus it will all your stamina. There are many benefits of doing exercise that it helps you get in shape, look good which make you confident. It also helps you get rid of the stress level that we have and that we get from working all day or studying all day. So, exercising will be a great option, just start with basic running or jogging, and make sure you workout at least 40min a day.

Get enough sleep

When you are sleeping enough it will keep you healthy and help your immune system get into the fighting stage. As just like everything your body also needs enough rest, especially if it’s influenza season you need to make sure you get 8 to 9-hour sleep in a day. Getting enough sleep will also give you better skin and a better glow when you going out. Sleeping enough burns your calories which will help you get fit and healthy and help with losing weight. Many people in their mid 30’s gain weight because of not being able to sleep enough as they have office work. It also protects you from other problems like heart disease and diabetes and even control your stress level. So having enough sleep is really important and useful factor when it comes to a better immune system.

Maintain weight

When you have a huge body or over BMI(body mass index) body. You need to lose weight as having fat around your body will get your immune system weaker. The more fat you have the worse your immune system will increase the chance of getting a heart attack and other diseases. So, make sure you have a well-maintained weight for a healthier body and a better immune system.

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