5 Exercise To Reduce Relly Fat at Home

One of the most easy to gain weight part is belly no doubt it’s the part where the fat shows first. It’s also the hardest part to get rid of when trying to diet and workout, belly kart contains your whole abdomen basically including the love handles, upper belly, and lower belly as well. While you may be able to lose the fat from the upper belly, love handles and lower belly are not a thing to mess with especially lower belly.

Once you start losing weight lower belly going to give you the hardest time of your life. Even for active people, lower belly becomes a problem. So here we are looking for the answer to your questions on how to reduce belly fat, well at the start I would tell you that losing just belly fat is impossible. As when you lose weight or fat it probably loses by the whole body and not just one part of your body. So, for reducing belly fat you need to reduce overall fat percentage although there are things you can do to make the process faster.

Like you can easily start with a diet get to the nutrition and get your health chart done and make sure it’s low in carbs. Tell the exact thing you are looking for to your nutrition and what the most amount of exercise you do in the whole day. So, when they make to ur diet chart they can tell you exactly what to have and what not to have.

You can do these exercises while taking the diet to get faster results.


The most basic thing to do is run, as simple as you may think running is very great for building stamina and even your body strength. When you are running your legs, chest, shoulder, love handle, belly part back and every part is getting worked out. The best thing about running is that it helps your metabolism to rise up and make you more active and it’s great for any kind of body type. No matter if you are muscular, lean, or fat you can do running and get its benefits. While people do running just as a hobby I would say it can change lives and can be the best exercise ever. Try joining this running with your training and making your own routine of HIIT training that will be great for fat loss for your whole body. What I like to do is take 2 rounds of 200m and then do 100 push-ups without giving me much rest. Then go back to 2 rounds and then do 100 squats without any rest, and then do 2 rounds and do 100 crunches. Then end it with 800m run continuously to make it even 2km run for my HIIT training which helps me gains super strength and stamina too.

Bicycle crunches

One of the most useful exercises when it comes to burning the belly fat of side. This means your sweet love handle will be gone as you already have build up your metabolism level. Now your body is highly active with all running it’s time to go into buying belly fat. This exercise will give you a great time letting you burn the side fat.

Start with laying on your back both legs in airlift your head high too, and start with bringing one leg toward you bending it and alternative elbow that is holding your head towards that knee.

This elbow to knee motion should not be broken till the end of the set means your body other than your back should not be touching the ground.

You can start with 3 sets, 10 reps each side and if it’s easy try doing 15reps to 20reps. Don’t go beyond 20 reps after that if you want more than increase sets.

Crunches: Simple but effective one for the belly fat, start with laying on your back knees bend with toe touching the floor. Then get your head up and try to rise and reach the knee do this again and again. I would say you can do this exercise at least 3 sets of 20 reps.

Leg raises: The best exercise for lower belly fat is the leg raises you go laying on your back again and then slowly raise your leg making 90 degree now people will say that the legs should be straight I would say the knee should be slightly bent not very just like 2 or 3 inches. While doing this exercise make sure not to touch the ground with your legs till you did. When you come back In down from raising your leg, it should stay a little above the ground and not touch the ground. Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Reverse crunches: Just like in crunches you tame the same position get your head high and don’t let it touch the ground and then you do crunches with this time getting your legs to come towards you. Your legs going to be bend and you will raise them towards you. You can do 3 sets of 15 reps for this exercise.…