The best 5 books for 2019 for tech lovers

In 2019, there have been many books that have changed the way of thinking and have changed some people’s lives too. Whether it’s business-related, a slice of life, romance, or technology-based.

These books have made a footprint in the year 2019, and now as the year of 2019 is almost over. We will talk about some of the best 5 books that were released in 2019 that will be amazing books for tech lovers.

Talking about technology, it has been immensely evolved through times and it will keep evolving. Because of that, there are many things that you can learn every day about new and latest technology and how it got there.

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

John Carreyrou tells you about a story called Bad Blood which tells you the secrets about the firm known as theranos. The story starts from the period when it was not as known as it now and was just a small firm founded by Elizabeth Holmes. There had been many questions about the company by different people and this story shows you how Elizabeth Holmes deal with them.

There are many things that have been covered in this story like how one company scammed the whole Silicon Valley and what evidence they have against them that it ended up being caught.

The author has done an amazing work, in this book he went up to all the detailing and didn’t twist much and let the evidence speak for the crime and the scene. He also did some tiring things like going places looking for evidence, finding sources and interviewing 150 above people.

Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

People may know Satya Nadella already as the famous CEO of the Microsoft company, she brings the story of HIT. Which is a story of her personal journey, the story of the reinvention and corporate changes, the story of Nadella that is taking place today in the office and the company of storied technology?

Also, tell us about the machine that is coming in our lives, becoming more ambient. It’s about how people, societies, and organizations can just transform them by just hitting the HIT refresh button for more ideas, new ideas, and great energy.

Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boy’s Club of Silicon Valley

Brotopia by Emily Chang is a famous book and it is a book that is not just a business book it tells you the fears of immense power that Silicon Valley holds in our present life and what can come next. The author is engaged with the subject, and rather than people calling the book just normal type book. It’s an excellent book that will show you, how men dominating this industry of technology and women are p is suing back. She starts the story by telling how she got from 40% to 25%. The story has lots of things to learn from and really a great work, well done by the author, no wonder it became the fastest-selling book. So, if you want to learn something about the secrets of Silicon Valley then this is another great book to read.

Harnessing our Digital Future by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson

The authors tell you about how the traditional way of bringing an idea which your MPC(mind, product, core). Explained as when in a traditional way humans use to find out an easy way that will help us and they were used to pop up in the human mind. Then we used to take it out as and innovate as an idea (product). Then after completing the thought of it we use to start a company to invent and sell those products. Now those things are getting taken place by new MPC(machines, platform, crowd). The machines just keep getting better and better and when they made and given huge data and information they can even find better ways to do things and smarter way to how to process them. The platform is now those companies that can be called a shark who don’t own anything about the idea just give the people a platform by taking the name. The crowd which nowadays easily gathered by the internet for showing up to do the same work together.

Innovation and its Enemies

If you love new and modern technology you will really find this book worth reading. The book shows about debates on how new technology can be risky especially to moral values, environment, and even human health. There are many lies in people’s debates and this book tells you about how those people who are against modern innovation can ignore science. So if you want to dive deep down on this topic should really check this book.…