Best Gaming Keyboard For Small Hands

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11


A cosmic byte is a high-quality gaming keyboard with features that can work fluently, even if you have small hands. Cosmic byte comes with a full-size keyboard style, which includes 104 keys, and they are all aluminum and has a high-quality material grade.

This keyboard offers an RGB background, and you can choose between various lighting effects; it also comes with a Windows lock key, which is a button from a cosmic byte that helps you lock the whole window. It also comes with an anti-ghosting mode, which can work on various keys, and you can also set it for yourself. Cosmic byte also offers us a quiet sound while clicking it.

It also comes with a detachable wrist pad, which is difficult to find in today’s keyboards. It also comes with a 1.8 gold plated cable, which can help you get interface without any hassle or lags. It is compatible with various operating systems, such as Linux, Mac, and Android. It also comes with eight multimedia keys. The design follows a minimalist pattern with different colors and high-grade material that has been used in the keyboard. The keyboard also comes with a short panel frame style that is the shorter range of keyboard specially made for Compact spaces and small hands gaming keyboard.



Corsair is a brand dealing with computer accessories for a while now, and they are famous for their gaming products. Their design usually carries a black color theme with RGB color and metal grade materials. Corsair K70 uses aircraft grade material palette. It also comes with metal joints for better support. It has an 8 MB storage space that can carry your programs and comes with lightning feedback.

The design carries around a monotonous theme and comes with an RGB theme back panel. The back panel on this comes with a lighting plate, which can light up 16 million color themes, but in a gradient pattern, which means you will get lesser colors. It also comes with a hand rest plate, which can help you to work more efficiently. The device also comes with a silent keyboard and can work silently without any hassle.

It also produces 30% less noise as compared to others on this list. The device also comes with a USB port on the top grid and has a special ice software from the brand, helping you keep your keyboard cool even in a chaotic workflow. It also supports sophisticated programming, which can light the whole system and match your desktop lighting panel.

It also comes with a high-quality fan, which can help you cool the device, and it has various panels, which can help you set it more efficiently. It also has a great texture on the space, which follows around to the spacebar. Overall it is a decent keyboard with various functions, but it is the costliest one and has a price tag of about 15000 INR.


5 Easy Ways to Convert your Bike Tires to Tubeless

If you like tubeless tires, you must know that these tires do not have tubes. Thus, when there is an accident or leakage of the air, there won’t be anything that will happen drastically. So, all you must do is check out the other benefits of tubeless tires. But some simple ways will turn your regular cycle tires into tubeless tires.

Are you looking forward to making your cycle tubeless? If yes, then here are the options.

• If you are looking forward to making your cycle tubeless, your first action should be to remove the tube. If you are a specialist, then you can do that with the help of your hands. If you can’t do that, you must take your cycle to the person who mends cycles, and then you can tell him to remove the tube.

• You should now remove the rim tape.

• Now, you must get the rim tape, which is meant explicitly for tubeless tires. So, use that tape now.

• You must then mount the tire pretty well. Make sure to choose best quality bike water bottle for your trip.

• If any things are missing, then you can use filters and sealants in that place.

The benefits of the cycle with tubeless tires

Since tubeless tires are light in weight, you will love the idea of riding a cycle that is light in weight. You will be able to have a better experience while depending on such a car. If the speed is high, then too, you will get the best options. You will never face any instability at high speeds. When there is low pressure, then the cycle with tubeless tires will run well.

Cycling can be so much fun.

If you are busy every day with your daily tasks, then you can start cycling every day. It is such a fantastic activity that can provide you with the right solutions. It is good exercise, and it can also promote weight loss. If there is some issue with your tubeless tires, then you must immediately take the cycle to the one who can repair the same for you. The most significant benefit of using the tubeless tires is that you have the time to take the cycle for repair. It is not going to give you issues immediately. Thus you don’t need to take any drastic remedies.

Moreover, people, these days are using tubeless tires, which will help make cycling perfect fun. Be ready to enjoy your activity and see how that will bring in lots of fun for you. Cycling can provide you immense pleasure, and it can take you a long way. You can motivate yourself, and you can also enhance the levels of fitness. So, be ready to take the right steps and enjoy things that are going to help. Be prepared to be prepared with the solutions that would make your life easy for sure.



Best Manual Can Opener

Can openers be one of the lesser-known kitchen appliances which have lesser uses? Opening a can is sometimes difficult and even impossible with bare hands, so everyone should use a can opener for that issue. They are safe, and the sharp cover won’t harm your hand.


It has a premium built with stainless steel. It also has a carbon steel cutting blade, which is sharp enough to cut through any can. It comes with various other designs, but one of the most sold is a dual-tone black and silver design. The simple design makes it to the cheaper end of this list. Overall the design is elegant and has a strong finish to it.

OXO Smooth Edge Manual Can Opener

Oxo is a well-known brand in the United States of America for kitchen appliances. They are famous for their parametric designs and unique features. Oxo grips edge can opener is there highly rated can opener. It is also one of the highest-rated can openers on this list. It comes with a blunt edge, which helps us to keep our hands safe.

The design has a matte finish with a glossy element on the top, making it attractive and unique. It comes with a side wind mechanism, which helps it to cut the can without any hassles. The soft hand knob on the lower end provides us with a proper grip. It also comes with a non-slippery handle, which means that this won’t slip out even if you have a wet hand. It has a sharp stainless steel blade, which makes it easier to cut through any can. It has a safer design with a hidden portion for the cutting blade.

It comes with a touch-free mechanism, which means that you don’t have to touch the lid out of the can. The brand also guarantees you a warranty with the repair or replacement facility.

Overall this is one of the best looking can opener on this list with premium feature and materialistic design. This edge’s vital element can open now because it has a touch-free mechanism with Matt finish.

Kuhn Rikon

It has a premium finished with a well-known brand tag to it. It follows the concept, which helps to stay contaminated. The can opener never touches any food or liquid inside the can because of its design.

It also comes with a lock on technology, which automatically grips the LED and removes it easily. It is one of the safest can openers out there. The design has various elements, such as a minimalistic approach to its curved edges.

It also has a matte finish over its body, which makes it premium and luxurious. The handle has an ergonomic slide design, which makes it easy to hold and does not ruin any design element. It is one of the best looking can openers out there as well. It is made in Switzerland and has a minimalistic approach towards edges.