Best Gaming Keyboard For Small Hands

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11


A cosmic byte is a high-quality gaming keyboard with features that can work fluently, even if you have small hands. Cosmic byte comes with a full-size keyboard style, which includes 104 keys, and they are all aluminum and has a high-quality material grade.

This keyboard offers an RGB background, and you can choose between various lighting effects; it also comes with a Windows lock key, which is a button from a cosmic byte that helps you lock the whole window. It also comes with an anti-ghosting mode, which can work on various keys, and you can also set it for yourself. Cosmic byte also offers us a quiet sound while clicking it.

It also comes with a detachable wrist pad, which is difficult to find in today’s keyboards. It also comes with a 1.8 gold plated cable, which can help you get interface without any hassle or lags. It is compatible with various operating systems, such as Linux, Mac, and Android. It also comes with eight multimedia keys. The design follows a minimalist pattern with different colors and high-grade material that has been used in the keyboard. The keyboard also comes with a short panel frame style that is the shorter range of keyboard specially made for Compact spaces and small hands gaming keyboard.



Corsair is a brand dealing with computer accessories for a while now, and they are famous for their gaming products. Their design usually carries a black color theme with RGB color and metal grade materials. Corsair K70 uses aircraft grade material palette. It also comes with metal joints for better support. It has an 8 MB storage space that can carry your programs and comes with lightning feedback.

The design carries around a monotonous theme and comes with an RGB theme back panel. The back panel on this comes with a lighting plate, which can light up 16 million color themes, but in a gradient pattern, which means you will get lesser colors. It also comes with a hand rest plate, which can help you to work more efficiently. The device also comes with a silent keyboard and can work silently without any hassle.

It also produces 30% less noise as compared to others on this list. The device also comes with a USB port on the top grid and has a special ice software from the brand, helping you keep your keyboard cool even in a chaotic workflow. It also supports sophisticated programming, which can light the whole system and match your desktop lighting panel.

It also comes with a high-quality fan, which can help you cool the device, and it has various panels, which can help you set it more efficiently. It also has a great texture on the space, which follows around to the spacebar. Overall it is a decent keyboard with various functions, but it is the costliest one and has a price tag of about 15000 INR.


5 Easy Ways to Convert your Bike Tires to Tubeless

If you like tubeless tires, you must know that these tires do not have tubes. Thus, when there is an accident or leakage of the air, there won’t be anything that will happen drastically. So, all you must do is check out the other benefits of tubeless tires. But some simple ways will turn your regular cycle tires into tubeless tires.

Are you looking forward to making your cycle tubeless? If yes, then here are the options.

• If you are looking forward to making your cycle tubeless, your first action should be to remove the tube. If you are a specialist, then you can do that with the help of your hands. If you can’t do that, you must take your cycle to the person who mends cycles, and then you can tell him to remove the tube.

• You should now remove the rim tape.

• Now, you must get the rim tape, which is meant explicitly for tubeless tires. So, use that tape now.

• You must then mount the tire pretty well. Make sure to choose best quality bike water bottle for your trip.

• If any things are missing, then you can use filters and sealants in that place.

The benefits of the cycle with tubeless tires

Since tubeless tires are light in weight, you will love the idea of riding a cycle that is light in weight. You will be able to have a better experience while depending on such a car. If the speed is high, then too, you will get the best options. You will never face any instability at high speeds. When there is low pressure, then the cycle with tubeless tires will run well.

Cycling can be so much fun.

If you are busy every day with your daily tasks, then you can start cycling every day. It is such a fantastic activity that can provide you with the right solutions. It is good exercise, and it can also promote weight loss. If there is some issue with your tubeless tires, then you must immediately take the cycle to the one who can repair the same for you. The most significant benefit of using the tubeless tires is that you have the time to take the cycle for repair. It is not going to give you issues immediately. Thus you don’t need to take any drastic remedies.

Moreover, people, these days are using tubeless tires, which will help make cycling perfect fun. Be ready to enjoy your activity and see how that will bring in lots of fun for you. Cycling can provide you immense pleasure, and it can take you a long way. You can motivate yourself, and you can also enhance the levels of fitness. So, be ready to take the right steps and enjoy things that are going to help. Be prepared to be prepared with the solutions that would make your life easy for sure.



Best Manual Can Opener

Can openers be one of the lesser-known kitchen appliances which have lesser uses? Opening a can is sometimes difficult and even impossible with bare hands, so everyone should use a can opener for that issue. They are safe, and the sharp cover won’t harm your hand.


It has a premium built with stainless steel. It also has a carbon steel cutting blade, which is sharp enough to cut through any can. It comes with various other designs, but one of the most sold is a dual-tone black and silver design. The simple design makes it to the cheaper end of this list. Overall the design is elegant and has a strong finish to it.

OXO Smooth Edge Manual Can Opener

Oxo is a well-known brand in the United States of America for kitchen appliances. They are famous for their parametric designs and unique features. Oxo grips edge can opener is there highly rated can opener. It is also one of the highest-rated can openers on this list. It comes with a blunt edge, which helps us to keep our hands safe.

The design has a matte finish with a glossy element on the top, making it attractive and unique. It comes with a side wind mechanism, which helps it to cut the can without any hassles. The soft hand knob on the lower end provides us with a proper grip. It also comes with a non-slippery handle, which means that this won’t slip out even if you have a wet hand. It has a sharp stainless steel blade, which makes it easier to cut through any can. It has a safer design with a hidden portion for the cutting blade.

It comes with a touch-free mechanism, which means that you don’t have to touch the lid out of the can. The brand also guarantees you a warranty with the repair or replacement facility.

Overall this is one of the best looking can opener on this list with premium feature and materialistic design. This edge’s vital element can open now because it has a touch-free mechanism with Matt finish.

Kuhn Rikon

It has a premium finished with a well-known brand tag to it. It follows the concept, which helps to stay contaminated. The can opener never touches any food or liquid inside the can because of its design.

It also comes with a lock on technology, which automatically grips the LED and removes it easily. It is one of the safest can openers out there. The design has various elements, such as a minimalistic approach to its curved edges.

It also has a matte finish over its body, which makes it premium and luxurious. The handle has an ergonomic slide design, which makes it easy to hold and does not ruin any design element. It is one of the best looking can openers out there as well. It is made in Switzerland and has a minimalistic approach towards edges.


Top 10 fruits to eat for quick weight loss

Fruits are super healthy food to eat, with lots of benefits and lots of nutrients. Your fruits are usually filled with the different vitamins fiber that gives you a healthy diet and help you get many benefits.

Fruits can help you with things like getting fair, getting healthier, and even with your weight loss. So, if you want to get slim faster there are many fruits you should eat and replace you with most of the day’s meal with.

So let’s check 10 best fruits for your weight loss.

Grapefruit: One of the best diet foods, it’s the fruit that is a cross between an orange and pomelo. Making it a perfect diet food. It contains 39 calories and give you vitamin C, and vitamin A. It also has a really low glycemic index, which means it releases sugar in your body very slowly. And this really helps you help maintain weight and even lose it. There has been a study that shows that 85 people who were obese eating grapefruit before meals for 12 weeks lost their appetite for more calories and a decrease in body weight. You can also get this grapefruit in salads and other foods.

Apple: Apple has its own benefits, as it’s rich in fiber and also support weight loss. Apple is not less in calories but as the calories are mostly fiber it helps reduce hunger. There was a study where women given 3 oat cookies, three pears, and 3 apples. That has the same calorie value for 10 weeks every day, the apple group lost 2 pounds, oat group stays maintain and pears groups also lost weight but 1.6 pounds. So now you know what I’m talking about, and eating apple whole is better than having it in juice. Give better results that way and help you lose weight easily by controlling appetite.

Berries: Half a cup of blueberries has just 42 calories which is very low and still in just low calories it provides you great quality of vitamin c and vitamin k. 1 full cup of strawberries gives you just 50 calories and provide you with dietary fiber, vitamin C, and manganese. Eating berries helps you with cholesterol levels, it also reduces your blood pressure and help you lower your inflammation. That helps people who are usually overweight. They can be taken in serials or in salad whichever way you like.

Stone fruits: They are seasonal fruits with stone, or a pit inside that’s why called stoned fruit. They are low in GI, low in calories, rich in nutrients like vitamins A and C. Best for losing weight. Instead of filling your stomach with bad snacks like chips and other stuff which you consider light snack you should eat this.

Passion fruit: The fruit of passion? I will leave that up to you, and explain that best fruit for weight loss. As 1 fruit has just 17 calories and filled with fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A also with iron and potassium too. That 17 calories help you lose appetite with its high fiber and if you eat less you get thin.

Rhubarb: The fruit is a vegetable, but eaten like a fruit. It’s just 11 calories per stack and in a stack, you get 1gm of fiber and vitamin K. It also helps you fight with cholesterol and helps you lose weight too. So you can say it’s great fruit or vegetable to lose weight.

Kiwifruit: The fruit of New Zealand, they are packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, fiber, and other health benefits. Kiwi is said to be great for sugar patients helping in maintaining their sugar level and help them to lose their weight. As the fruit does not contain even 1per sugar and is a great fruit.

Melons: You must have heard that staying hydrated and having enough water inside the body helps you lose weight. Melons are exactly for that low in calories and high in water content that will give you a great result in weight loss. It’s not just water that melons contain, it also rich in fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Although having low calories it still can make you gain weight if eaten a lot, so make sure you keep that in mind and eat by controlling it.

Oranges: They are especially low in calories just like other citric fruits and have great value of vitamin C and fiber. Once you eat an orange it fills up a good amount of space inside your body’s which automatically helps you eat less food and lose weight.

Avocados: The best weight loss fruit, although it has 160 calories and is a fatty fruit, the studies have shown that it can be helped for losing weight. As it can make you feel full and lose appetite, and also help you get low cholesterol levels.…

The best 5 books for 2019 for tech lovers

In 2019, there have been many books that have changed the way of thinking and have changed some people’s lives too. Whether it’s business-related, a slice of life, romance, or technology-based.

These books have made a footprint in the year 2019, and now as the year of 2019 is almost over. We will talk about some of the best 5 books that were released in 2019 that will be amazing books for tech lovers.

Talking about technology, it has been immensely evolved through times and it will keep evolving. Because of that, there are many things that you can learn every day about new and latest technology and how it got there.

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

John Carreyrou tells you about a story called Bad Blood which tells you the secrets about the firm known as theranos. The story starts from the period when it was not as known as it now and was just a small firm founded by Elizabeth Holmes. There had been many questions about the company by different people and this story shows you how Elizabeth Holmes deal with them.

There are many things that have been covered in this story like how one company scammed the whole Silicon Valley and what evidence they have against them that it ended up being caught.

The author has done an amazing work, in this book he went up to all the detailing and didn’t twist much and let the evidence speak for the crime and the scene. He also did some tiring things like going places looking for evidence, finding sources and interviewing 150 above people.

Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

People may know Satya Nadella already as the famous CEO of the Microsoft company, she brings the story of HIT. Which is a story of her personal journey, the story of the reinvention and corporate changes, the story of Nadella that is taking place today in the office and the company of storied technology?

Also, tell us about the machine that is coming in our lives, becoming more ambient. It’s about how people, societies, and organizations can just transform them by just hitting the HIT refresh button for more ideas, new ideas, and great energy.

Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boy’s Club of Silicon Valley

Brotopia by Emily Chang is a famous book and it is a book that is not just a business book it tells you the fears of immense power that Silicon Valley holds in our present life and what can come next. The author is engaged with the subject, and rather than people calling the book just normal type book. It’s an excellent book that will show you, how men dominating this industry of technology and women are p is suing back. She starts the story by telling how she got from 40% to 25%. The story has lots of things to learn from and really a great work, well done by the author, no wonder it became the fastest-selling book. So, if you want to learn something about the secrets of Silicon Valley then this is another great book to read.

Harnessing our Digital Future by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson

The authors tell you about how the traditional way of bringing an idea which your MPC(mind, product, core). Explained as when in a traditional way humans use to find out an easy way that will help us and they were used to pop up in the human mind. Then we used to take it out as and innovate as an idea (product). Then after completing the thought of it we use to start a company to invent and sell those products. Now those things are getting taken place by new MPC(machines, platform, crowd). The machines just keep getting better and better and when they made and given huge data and information they can even find better ways to do things and smarter way to how to process them. The platform is now those companies that can be called a shark who don’t own anything about the idea just give the people a platform by taking the name. The crowd which nowadays easily gathered by the internet for showing up to do the same work together.

Innovation and its Enemies

If you love new and modern technology you will really find this book worth reading. The book shows about debates on how new technology can be risky especially to moral values, environment, and even human health. There are many lies in people’s debates and this book tells you about how those people who are against modern innovation can ignore science. So if you want to dive deep down on this topic should really check this book.…

How to save your router and home security camera from hackers

When we buy new technology to make our home and us safe, we forget that it has some drawbacks to it. The drawback is that we get hands-on something that we don’t know much about and we gave that thing our privacy, our information and all the important documents and files information.

Some people have little knowledge about them but still, they can’t do anything as no matter how much you know about it you won’t be able to beat a hacker. Hackers usually bet on how little you know about your own security system and technology and gain access.

Let’s say you may be able to stop hackers from hacking your computer some way, but you may not know much about your router and security system which they had studied and still are studying right now.


When it comes to handling your router, it should be taken care of without a doubt, it’s what that been taking car rod your Wireless network in your house. There’s no telling how many people don’t know about router security and get hacked. Just need to do two basic things that can prevent you from a hacker hacking into your router.

That is the default password, you always should change that password that was given to you it’s for changing only, many people just let it be like that forever. The second thing that should know and do while using a router keeps your router software updates which is the firmware if the router keeps it updated.

The thing with router hacking is that you don’t know what is going on with you. As soon as you connect all your devices in your house with your router, and it got hacked the hacker has all the knowledge and information about your internet life. Many people just letting them hack and won’t get it to check as long as the internet works and because of that the hacker always takes advantage of you.

The study has been done on the routers and it has been found out that most of them lack basic security. Many of them didn’t have an automatic inbuilt update of security improvement in firmware.

Have also shown that many of them accept weak password less than 8 digits or easy passwords like basic 00000000 or 12345678 these kind of things. And there was this router where it didn’t require for owner to change the default password and log in. So make sure when you get a router check if it will automatically update the Firmware and that you change its passwords.

How to get safe from router hackers?

Start with basic only turn your basic auto-update on and if your router doesn’t have one. Get on the website of the company that manufacturers your router every month for checking new updates. Sometimes happen that manufacturers will just not make any updates and if that happens it’s safer to get a new router.

Don’t use the features that router have, like universal plug and play which comes on in many routers as default and also don’t use your remote access too. These both should not be used unless it is asked to open them for your device to work. These both can get a really bad security risk to your internet files.

Change password, I would recommend as soon as you get home change your password and make it something complex with character, number, and alphabets combined in it.

Whenever you go to settings you will see. WPA3, WPA2, WEP or WPA. Those are encryption to save your security of wireless networks. So make sure to choose either WPA3 or WPA2, other than that all the rest are old and not really useful to you especially if they offer WEP or WPA it’s time to change your router.

Home security camera

Wireless home security cameras are on-trend and people like the idea of knowing what’s going on in their house when they were gone. If someone tried to take a peak or not and many other things. They are pretty easily accessible to anyone on many online stores, which also makes them easy to hack for hackers.

A great thief that knows what he’s doing can get all your access to your home or if you have them in some shop then there too. Can easily think of a plan and rob you, and getaway.

How to protect yourself?

Most of it is the same as the router you make sure to keep the firmware update means the software updated. If it doesn’t get automatic updates then keep checking every month on the app of camera.

Change your password, like I said once you have gotten your router of any technology first thing is to make it your own by changing the password and gaining privacy.

If your camera has two-factor authentication, that will be super great as whenever you will log in or someone will log in you will get a text on your number or email whatever you want.…

How to get glowing skin in 7 days – with instructions

Every person wants a Greta glowing skin with no pimples and other stuff that will look bad and there are no women especially that will say she doesn’t want a perfect glowing skin. When we talk about having perfect skin, many would think it can refer to having a fairer skin, which is not what it refers to. Skin color is nothing but just your identity and you should be proud of it, the skin glow is what matters.

When you ask any girl what type of skin they want mostly you will hear a skin that has no pimple at all, looks clear, have no acne, give me a glow, and makes me look young. These things that I mentioned are there in your skin mostly because lack of care towards your skin. We think we do but we don’t so let’s see 7days to get your skin glow.

Day 1

Start doing cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin, if you have not done this ever well let’s say this is the day you start. Gadgets like microcurrent facial machine helps remove acne from your skin.

Talking about your face it’s always open and not covered, when you go out it gets many dust and impurities creating dead skin cells and make your skin look dull. So in this case whenever you wake up, you need to clean your face with a good cleanser. This process will help. You prevent things like acne and make you look really great.

Well, after this you use a toner which helps you get rid of the oils and remaining dust on your skin. The best ones to use are natural toners like rose water, green tea, and white vinegar.

End your this routine with a moisturizer.

After this use, a face back later, try wiping it with any fruit you have there in your kitchen.

Now when you about to sleep you need to take out any makeup you have on your face so your skin can breathe properly and when you are done with that repeat your cleansing, toning, and moisturizer process to end your day.

Day 2

You need to control what you eat, make sure to eat healthy food for healthy skin. Get enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so your skin gets better and healthier.

Follow the routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing and add the fruit mask. You can find them easily.

Make sure to consume water and juice for making your body hydrated and flushing out inside impurities and having good outside appearance too.

At night remove makeup and do cleansing, toning, and moisturizing process again before you sleep.

Day 3

Now time to make your skin soft and smooth by removing any remaining dead skin.

Clean your face with a scrub or a face sponge, and remove all the remaining dead skin.

After that new skin will come out and then tone it and moisture it so it won’t get dead easily and stay protected.

Use sunscreen when you go out in the day time so it’s helps you stay safe from UV rays.

At the end of the day, remove all makeup and clean your face with face packs and then start with toning and moisturizer.

Day 4

Now you will improve your skin and texture on your face.

Wash your face with cleanser and steam it. Steaming helps with opening up pores and allowing your skin to get full benefits of cleansing. Do it for 10 min then later use a clay mask to get the dirt out. After that wash and use toner and seal your open pores that caused by steaming. And then finish with moisturizer.

Get your daily night cleaning, toning, and moisturizing done like usual.

Day 5

Start with your cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, later on, take aloe Vera gel and massage your face with it for 15 min and then wash it and use moisturizer.

And then later at night use the sandalwood face pack with your daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Day 6

Now time to get rid of some new dead skin cells again. Repeat day 3 steps again and follow with toning and moisturizing.

Make sure to take care of your body by staying hydrated and drinking enough water.

Day 7

Now it’s time to use another fruit facial. And then the cleansing, toning and moisturizing again.

Keep drinking water, healthy beverages for good and healthy skin.

End day with another usual cleansing, toning, moisturizing.…

How To Boost Your Immune System

Immune system is what keeps us healthy and the reasons of why we home reading this instead of bed in some kind of hospital. Immune system is basically some organs and process that helps our body defending from getting infected by toxins and other things.

The parts come in your immune system are white blood cells, antibodies, bone marrow, lymph nodes and your thymus.

How to know if you have a weak immune system?

There are some symptoms that will show themselves sooner if your immune system is not good.

Your internal organs will go to inflammation.

Autoimmune disorder

Having abnormalities and blood disorder

Problem indigestion

Loss of appetite

Cramps in your abdomen

Not growing fast enough

How to boost your immune system?

Don’t smoke

Would recommend you to leave the idea of smoking if you think your immune system is getting weaker and if it’s weak you should really quit it. Smoking will lead you to infection like pneumonia, influenza and some other infection which will take you to bed for more than just a month or so. We talked about how the immune system will provide your defence. Well, one of them that helps the immune system to give you defence is vitamin C and if you keep smoking that will not be there anymore.


The second thing you can do and the thing you should do is getting into a good balanced and healthy diet. Dieting helps in every way no matter what your aim is, you want to lose weight? You should go on a diet! You want to get healthier? You should go on a diet! Want to get good skin? You should just go on a diet! Diet is the main key to how we live, there this saying that goes ‘what we eat is what we become’. That’s why even in your immune system make sure to eat properly and get a balanced quantity of food. As it will help keep your blood cell healthy and active help your bones get stronger, make you stay away from diseases and give you better vitamins and nutrients. To eat healthier and know what to eat and avoid your fast food or eating outside.

Try doing small changes first just start with oils get olive oil if you can, then start adding more green and fruits in your diet. And keep escalating and improving more and more and after some time you will start to enjoy this journey.


Immunity is defence against diseases right? And when it comes to immunity or defending against disease exercise is the best way to do so. As when you exercise regularly you saving yourself from diseases like obesity, sugar which is type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Which mostly comes along with your diabetes to give it company. So make sure to keep that regular exercise going on exercising will give you great health plus it will all your stamina. There are many benefits of doing exercise that it helps you get in shape, look good which make you confident. It also helps you get rid of the stress level that we have and that we get from working all day or studying all day. So, exercising will be a great option, just start with basic running or jogging, and make sure you workout at least 40min a day.

Get enough sleep

When you are sleeping enough it will keep you healthy and help your immune system get into the fighting stage. As just like everything your body also needs enough rest, especially if it’s influenza season you need to make sure you get 8 to 9-hour sleep in a day. Getting enough sleep will also give you better skin and a better glow when you going out. Sleeping enough burns your calories which will help you get fit and healthy and help with losing weight. Many people in their mid 30’s gain weight because of not being able to sleep enough as they have office work. It also protects you from other problems like heart disease and diabetes and even control your stress level. So having enough sleep is really important and useful factor when it comes to a better immune system.

Maintain weight

When you have a huge body or over BMI(body mass index) body. You need to lose weight as having fat around your body will get your immune system weaker. The more fat you have the worse your immune system will increase the chance of getting a heart attack and other diseases. So, make sure you have a well-maintained weight for a healthier body and a better immune system.…

5 Exercise To Reduce Relly Fat at Home

One of the most easy to gain weight part is belly no doubt it’s the part where the fat shows first. It’s also the hardest part to get rid of when trying to diet and workout, belly kart contains your whole abdomen basically including the love handles, upper belly, and lower belly as well. While you may be able to lose the fat from the upper belly, love handles and lower belly are not a thing to mess with especially lower belly.

Once you start losing weight lower belly going to give you the hardest time of your life. Even for active people, lower belly becomes a problem. So here we are looking for the answer to your questions on how to reduce belly fat, well at the start I would tell you that losing just belly fat is impossible. As when you lose weight or fat it probably loses by the whole body and not just one part of your body. So, for reducing belly fat you need to reduce overall fat percentage although there are things you can do to make the process faster.

Like you can easily start with a diet get to the nutrition and get your health chart done and make sure it’s low in carbs. Tell the exact thing you are looking for to your nutrition and what the most amount of exercise you do in the whole day. So, when they make to ur diet chart they can tell you exactly what to have and what not to have.

You can do these exercises while taking the diet to get faster results.


The most basic thing to do is run, as simple as you may think running is very great for building stamina and even your body strength. When you are running your legs, chest, shoulder, love handle, belly part back and every part is getting worked out. The best thing about running is that it helps your metabolism to rise up and make you more active and it’s great for any kind of body type. No matter if you are muscular, lean, or fat you can do running and get its benefits. While people do running just as a hobby I would say it can change lives and can be the best exercise ever. Try joining this running with your training and making your own routine of HIIT training that will be great for fat loss for your whole body. What I like to do is take 2 rounds of 200m and then do 100 push-ups without giving me much rest. Then go back to 2 rounds and then do 100 squats without any rest, and then do 2 rounds and do 100 crunches. Then end it with 800m run continuously to make it even 2km run for my HIIT training which helps me gains super strength and stamina too.

Bicycle crunches

One of the most useful exercises when it comes to burning the belly fat of side. This means your sweet love handle will be gone as you already have build up your metabolism level. Now your body is highly active with all running it’s time to go into buying belly fat. This exercise will give you a great time letting you burn the side fat.

Start with laying on your back both legs in airlift your head high too, and start with bringing one leg toward you bending it and alternative elbow that is holding your head towards that knee.

This elbow to knee motion should not be broken till the end of the set means your body other than your back should not be touching the ground.

You can start with 3 sets, 10 reps each side and if it’s easy try doing 15reps to 20reps. Don’t go beyond 20 reps after that if you want more than increase sets.

Crunches: Simple but effective one for the belly fat, start with laying on your back knees bend with toe touching the floor. Then get your head up and try to rise and reach the knee do this again and again. I would say you can do this exercise at least 3 sets of 20 reps.

Leg raises: The best exercise for lower belly fat is the leg raises you go laying on your back again and then slowly raise your leg making 90 degree now people will say that the legs should be straight I would say the knee should be slightly bent not very just like 2 or 3 inches. While doing this exercise make sure not to touch the ground with your legs till you did. When you come back In down from raising your leg, it should stay a little above the ground and not touch the ground. Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Reverse crunches: Just like in crunches you tame the same position get your head high and don’t let it touch the ground and then you do crunches with this time getting your legs to come towards you. Your legs going to be bend and you will raise them towards you. You can do 3 sets of 15 reps for this exercise.…